My work is a three-dimensional shape, which is made up of smaller three-dimensional shapes. The faces of the shapes are painted so that the pentagons are the main twelve colours of the colour wheel, and the squares are a combination of the two colours touching them. I experimented with masking tape, paints and different types of paper and card to make the smaller shapes. I have used different techniques to make the shapes, I have made sure to keep all the brush strokes going in the same direction so that it gives a smooth texture, and I used different methods to stick the shapes together.



I created this work as a poster for the shadow puppet play we did as part of the Japan 2020 project. I first experimented with using paper to cover certain areas, then cut out areas to create my work. To create the red sun in the background I used a masking tape roll to trace a circle. For the red petals on the top of the tree I used a pencil to make holes in the paper for the red ink to go through. For the black tree shape, I folded the paper in half, and cut a tree like shape in the middle.



I slowly developed each section of my project until it was all done. I researched The Cure's live gigs, and learned about their lighting colour schemes. I used my research on colour theory to develop my understanding. I used clay to make the guitar, and used a mix of paper, tape, paint, glue and toothpicks for the drums and symbols.



My topic was Tropical birds, I chose this topic because of how colourful the birds are. During this project I learnt about different types of birds, artists that are famous for making art of birds, and how colour can be linked to temperature, feelings and objects. My final piece of art was a parrot, which I made using a base and paper mache. In my project I noticed that the parrots feathers are symmetrical, so I tried to do this on my model too on its wings.



I have made fairy dress lanterns, each showing an emotion. The red shows a sense of evilness, power and anger, the pink shows kindness, joy and acceptance, the green being spiritual and healing, and the blue, although looks quite magical, is deeply depressed. Each dress is made to look as if is made from flower petals. I experimented with wire shapes, flowers and water colours, as they give a similar effect.



Tamashi is a dragon modelled in air drying clay and painted with acrylic paints.
His stance has been modelled as if he is ready for battle and his expression shows his determination to win. ‘Tamashi’ (means soul in Japanese) - is a mixture of black and white with accents of blue. The colours represent Ying and Yang which is a balance of good and evil. His expression and the markings on his face were inspired by Alchemy the symbol of medieval science. The bold colours, shape and stance of Tamashi was inspired by the Tao Trio Dragons - Kyrurem, Reshiram and Zekrom, 3 dragons created as Pokemon meaning, pocket monsters in Japanese.
For my animation I created a storyboard to work out what I wanted my character to do, and then made it out of plasticine. I then took a series of photos, as I moved the figure a tiny amount at a time to create the animation.



My work is about expressionism. I have experimented with varied materials; paint( acrylic), pencil, and pen. I used acrylic paint in my final piece, in order to capture the expression portrayed in the piece. Using colour, I explored how emotion can be shown. With this piece, it’s shown as ecstatic and overwhelming emotion, a lot of colour is used.



My work is on animation clips based on Japanese theatre. I used different coloured plasticine to make my work and small tools for detailing. I moulded the shape of the plasticine to make the shape of my character and used a tool to create patterns. I also used an app to form a video.



My work is an abstract interpretation of an aerial view of the Great Barrier Reef. I have experimented with acrylic paint, clay, felt and paper. For my final project I have used coloured paper quill strips, which I have crimped then rolled into circles. I have used natural colours, as well as contrasting bright colours, to represent the colours that you would see in underwater coral.



In November, the EHE Level 1 students took part in a Community Arts Project, to design and make giant puppets, for a parade on the opening night of the Bury St Edmunds Christmas Fayre. They worked in groups to design and create 4 puppets based on the panto Cinderella. Their characters were, the two Ugly Sisters, Prince Charming, and the Glass Slipper. They experimented with willow structures, wet strength tissue paper with PVA, and coloured tissue paper, to create their designs. Fairy lights were then attached to the inside of the puppets on the day of the parade, to make them into lanterns, which were then used in a magical parade through the town centre and down into Abbey Gardens.

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