"Ways Of Seeing"

My work is about my interpretation on everyday objects through my ways of seeing.  All 100 postcards have a different object or animal and I make them look wacky and distorted to match my inner persona. I am hoping for people to be able to understand and see what I see when looking at everyday objects.  It is a new world that's just been created and feel what it’s like to have a darker sense of style like mine.

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An exaggerated visual representation of the environment in years to come. Using sickening colours represents how unnatural we have made the earth. The artificial look created with plaster, paint, wax and sand shows how every part of the world has been touched by humans and is no longer raw.

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Butterfly is a representation of Senbazuru (a tradition) of folding 1000 paper cranes by an individual). It links Japanese culture and tradition with a contemporary angle, through a claw machine, encompassing a further dimension of luck to the installation. Accentuating how our lives are constantly affected by the fundamental principle of the butterfly effect.

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Bringing the outside in
A simple upcycled rocking chair was repainted with a green chalked based paint. The seat was removed and reupholstered with fabric that I printed with lino cuts and painted over to represent the juxtaposition of building structures and a piece of familiar, even homely internal furniture.  The result is a functioning piece of furniture with echoes of exterior architecture.

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For my outcomes, I had created five digital drawings of my characters, focusing on my newest character, Dexter. These images are scenes I had created throughout Dexter’s story. I decided to take five key scenes and create five digital outcomes that tell his story. Although the drawings do not tell a clear story, they do show relevance to the story I had planned.

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My Piece depicts on the perception of a natural environment. Representing nature as being light layered and will always keep you grounded. The figure represents nature’s children.

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Schizophrenia of modern feminism 
My outcome represents the issue of women’s bodies in different magazines being edited and how unnecessary it is for them to do so, as well as the effects it has on other women/younger girls.  Magazines showing highly edited bodies that are not as realistic or normal. As many people see art differently, I hope that with my art it expresses different emotions in people so it almost makes it unique to them, and possibly help relate to the individual.

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80s Grunge
My work is a website based on all the 80s grunge artwork. Over the project wanted to explore advertisement and hand based generated artwork - my shop displays the two elements working together. I have explored photography, paintings, digital poster and illustration.

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The New Londinium 
Throughout my project, I developed creative and artistic ways to promote Modern Urbanism. My FMP has allowed me to explore styles and my concept, which represents modern Urban Architecture by the use of a bright colour pallet and my individual style. My goal for my project is to provide information to young creatives and students who may visit regenerated urban Cities. Most of my outcomes are mixed media pieces, this includes Cyanotype, Screen printing, Photography and Digital manipulation.

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The yearly times
Inspired by the 1920’s my project is a contemporary newspaper visually communicating events from each year of the decade. Using both digital and hand based collage and skills to illustrate and communicate these events

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Danger of Suffocation
A personal driven project surrounding my personal struggles with identity to help bring others and myself out of the ‘plastic wrap’ we are put into with labels and gatekeeping. Designing unisex clothing to encourage others to wear what they want and live how they want without restraints.

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The Government is effectively a double edged sword: they look after us, govern over us, give us the things the need to survive in life as well as enjoy it from time to time, though in order to do that they must restrict us, control us lest we disobey and punish us if we do. I feel that most of the government-controlled countries citizens no this but dare not do anything, it is what they have convinced us is the safest thing to do; be complacent and subservient to our governing masters…

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I used previous learning from my Moyses Hall Exhibition in Bury St Edmunds and by visiting Polstead Village.  Dry-point printing was my starting point for my FM and I started to further investigate the Red Barn Murders and the theme of archangel. By implementing the techniques, I have learnt from previous printing projects it has allowed me to create a large series of printing works for my FMP based on the concept of urban.

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I produce expressionist work focusing on my immediate reality exploring spirituality, perception and consciousness - This work includes a sculpture made of sterling silver complimented by a series of works on paper that depict reoccurring subconscious motifs and mark making that reacts to my current environment.

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My project is about murders/serial killers with the focus being on people being innocent due to reason of insanity. My outcomes show the different states of mind and how the person is changed not just from the actual experience but also throughout their life.

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Hepzibah Van Giap.jpg


The idea of non-permanent structures typically goes against the breakthroughs that have been made in architecture, historically. Constantly searching for the most permanent, indestructible material to build our structures from, for protecting life from the outside horrors the world has to offer. It was remarkably interesting to create a set of my own structures, which go completely against this logic. My work explores the ideas of forms and structure within architecture, in a loose, figurative way. I am enticed by the concept of light creating atmosphere, with such significant impact. I explored projecting light and patterns onto my forms and photographing maquettes casting unique shadows in the sunlight. I hope my work can immerse you into a setting of tranquillity.

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"Forget where you are” experience the rave cave;
An attempt to create a space akin to a rave – somewhere where you forget all current troubles and worries. A place where for a moment you are lost in the music, for a moment you forget your real location and lose yourself in the artwork in all its forms. An escape.

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Feminism and my own identity has been an on-going theme throughout my artwork for the past few years. My work explores the meaningful concepts of objectification and idealisation of the female body - a core subject of feminist criticisms. It is important that I display the importance of the inequality that we still face to this day. I want to further my ambitions in becoming a more established artist, participating in exhibitions. My artwork is constantly changing and evolving, from the specifics of the medium choices to the artworks concept and visual outcome. Ideas can dictate my medium, which ends up leading me to my final concept. Deteriorative impacts on materials is an area in which I would like to further investigate, I feel that the processes in how I create my work conceptually is more important than the final aesthetic. I do not believe in refining myself to any single concept, idea or element of life that helps me to further improve and develop my artwork and thought processes.
This piece was created from my subconscious. I really love to explore my emotions and throw them onto a canvas as an explanation of how I feel from past events and traumas. For me art is something I can lose myself in to reflect all peace but also to use as a battleground of emotions. I feel as if this is reflected in the piece because of the texture and the way the textured parts manifest all over the canvas.

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Jess Pond 1.jpg


A study of architectural structures and urbanism. Working within a digital format and design, I wanted to create layering and solidarity through illustrative form and photography.

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Within my project, ‘Mythología’, I have explored obscure areas within Greek Mythology by creating a picture book. The aim of this is to make the stories easier to understand and encourage more people to learn about the theme. The book begins at the creation of the universe and the early gods that followed. Through this book, I hope to spark interest in a topic that I am passionate about and share these stories in a contemporary way.

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My outcomes represent the hardship and struggles that people living in slums have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. It shows the horrible conditions that these people are forced to live in by their own governments! My projects aim is to inspire people to make a stand and create a change in the flawed system of society. Every living person should have a home; somewhere they can feel safe and loved a place or shelter and peace.

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My FMP is based on the theme of dystopia and identity – I have created a series of digitally drawn characters with narrative.



Being inspired by my up found knowledge about the history, fashion, popularities and art within the 1960s, I decided to produce a selection of music festival posters, influenced by the awakening era. I chose to focus my project within the musical genre due to the variation of loud, busy and exciting artworks, which would present these popular events inspiring me to develop my own creative outcomes.

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An installation piece on sexual violence and understanding its traumatic effects on victim. One in five women and 1 in 20 men have experienced sexual assault (CSEW, 2017). I used a youthful narrative to convey these topics, people feel a responsibility to look after children, and this gives a chilling effect and makes people care more. This also reflects our responsibility to educate the next generation better about consent as not only do we not want them to be victims we do not want them to commit these crimes either.

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My Zine represents a dark angry dystopian future set in the year 2120 where politics, laws and corporations own everyone, society judges everyone and addictions/violence hurt everyone more than they already do now. I wanted to express some image of how horrible our future could be when people can have cybernetic augments or prosthetics if you like, when people are more machine than flesh, and are owned by their money even more than they are now. I want to make the viewer nervous and anxious of our future, when we are on the brink of manmade destruction.

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Within this project, I have reimagined sci-fi novels in the style of 1920s sci-fi comics. I feel passionate about the retro style and sci-fi stories that I have decided to explore in my work. Within these posters, I aim to capture the naive excitement shown in 1920s sci-fi illustrations and portray the stories to a modern audience in an unfamiliar style.

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Ophelia Cooper 1.jpg
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This is a composure of an emotional journey through my past. Battling hatred to become in peace. To me this was very important. Helping to regain strength through my art and style that I work in. I dipped into my old art and created two pieces of fabric (knitted and felted) both in pink. To represent my childhood. Creating those two fabrics, gained me access to connect with this whole project on a completely new level. I then printed pictures of my childhood memories on kalico. On top, theirs machine and hand stitching. Mixed media. Exploring the feeling of anger. Stitching everything together to make a whole.

Patrycja Wiater 2.jpg
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Goodnight Grenfell
My project concept is about the Grenfell Tower and the affects that it still has after two years. I felt very passionate towards this project because I myself have always been very interested and involved in the current housing crisis that the UK is still facing and the way the government is dealing with it.

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Phoebe Ellis 1.jpg
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Iconic Squares 
My work represents the influential eighties. I have made my own patchwork tapestry, using 365 6x6 squares. The squares represent every day for an entire year. I really wanted my outcome to have that true eighties feel by using fabrics the best resembled the eighties vibe I was looking for. I added bright coloured fabrics such as purples and greens to add a pop and so it stands out. My final outcome’s height came to 6 foot 5 inches and the width came to 10 foot 9 inches.

Rachel Futter.jpg


Nature’s Balance 
Exploring the complexity and fragility of the natural world, through the intricacy of illustration. Emphasising the sheer beauty of the wild world, but how humanity has caused disruption and damage to ecosystems through its activity. This artwork communicates the birth of the natural world and its surroundings.

Robyn Beach 1.jpg
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Digital edits using dystopian styled illustrations showing a prediction of the destruction of the planet, where we are heading through environmental and social issues such as global warming, air and sea pollution, land contamination and overpopulation eventually leading to my outcomes a sci-fi themed unsettling future like living in space.

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Exploring the journey of nature and how it can have an effect on us through its growth and beauty. I have drawn eights flowers on each of the boards, of which some are shoots, some blooming and some dying. This is to represent the cycle of life and the aesthetic view on it, which could provoke the viewer to make less environment-damaging choices in the future.

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