How I See Them 
My images show the reality of adolescence, no longer children but not yet adults. An age group commonly linked to trouble and corruption in society. However my images are a reflection of how wrong this perception can be.

Amber Cook final image 1 - How I See The
How I See Them final image 4 - amber Coo
Amber Cook final image 2 - How I see the
Amber Cook finl image 3- How I see them
Amber Cook Final image 5- How I see them


I explored a number of repeat pattern and close-up work alongside my theme. Starting in the darkroom with simple black and white photograms and acetate I progressed onto colour micro and macro photography which I reworked in Photoshop. I wanted to shine some light in this dark time by using vibrant colours. Limited to resources I managed to completed some further scanography and develop some ideas for presentation which I’m happy with at this stage.

Vexed online end of year show  5.png
Vexed online end of year show 2.png
Vexed online end of year show  (5 May 20
Vexed online end of year show 3.png
Vexed online end of year show  4.png


Capturing Light and Shadows 
During this final major project I have been looking closely at how to capture light and shadows in various ways to change the view on an image. I have experimented with colour gels and disco lights to shine colour in different ways onto the face. I decided to choose this as my theme because when looking at other photographers work I felt that their photography manipulated the appearance of the model making you look closely at the image. My final images I have edited to show vibrant colours and contrast between the light and shadows to enhance my work.



Through my work I've documented the people around me and how they are dealing with the lockdown and isolation due to the COVID-19. My project changed a lot but I wanted to show how life still goes on, spending time with our families, how we are connecting and communicating and how we are all learning something new about ourselves and loved ones.



Elegance and Beauty
For my final project I wanted to created fashion magazine documenting, creating and photographing different looks through the ages. I wanted to create looks that portray elegance and beauty in different ways. I researched and styled each shoot myself sourcing vintage clothes, using natural lighting and location settings that complement each style.

white flower.  .jpg
other edit 2.jpg
final major piece 3.jpg
final major project 8.jpg
final major piece 5.jpg


Light and shadow
The images I decided to submit are photos under the title ‘light and shadow’. I’ve created shapes from cardboard to cast shadows onto the models faces and body using studio lighting, natural light and household objects.

Scan 12.jpeg


Within my work I have explored colour and how this effects and influences the visual meaning of life. I started by composing and recording my own song. I then created video and moving image as a visual representation of the lyrics.

Greta Vaitkunaite.filtered1.jpg
Greta Vaitkunaite.Filtered6.JPG
Greta Vaitkunaite.filtered2.jpg
Greta Vaitkunaite.Filtered5.JPG


I have a name
My aim with this project was to capture genuine vulnerability and human connection from the homeless community. The homeless are often overlooked and castaway from society, I wanted to challenge this view and give the homeless an opportunity to express themselves through photography.

Hannah Khan - i have a name - photograph
Hannah Khan - I have a name - photograph
Hannah Khan - i have a name - photograph
Hannah Khan - I have a name - Photograph


Icons Revived
These images I have submitted are my attempt at reviving some ICONS who are not in the public eye currently. I didn’t just want to recreate the old black and white portraits so I added my own spin on these images adding bursts of bold colour to each image. I hope that my colourful images will draw the icon back into society and people will remember them when they see my work.

IMG_0354 copy.jpg
IMG_0541 copy.jpg
IMG_0713 copy.jpg
IMG_4490 copy.jpg


I acquired my photography by using exploring the philosophy of "dérive". This means to take an unplanned journey where participants drop their everyday relations and let themselves be drawn by their own natural attractions. I undertook many journeys, often just walking aimlessly and photographing what I found. When digitally editing the images gathered on these journeys I used colour to describe my emotional feelings and state of mind at the time. The five images I have chosen are a visual definition of how felt out on location.

the waterfall.jpg
the cold reflecton .jpg
the golden steps.jpg
the hidden detales.jpg


Graduating childhood
This project was a based on the idea of adolescence and how young people move on from the childhood into adulthood. The transition that they experience, I decided to capture in a few intimate images. Due to the pandemic, young people worldwide had to take that step very quickly and take on the responsibility of looking after themselves and their other half instead of being looked after by their parents or guardians. Their emotions and feeling are captured in each image, their struggles and their ups and downs. The graduation from childhood, and enrolling into adulthood.



The Camera's Eye 
On the Photography course we were introduced to a range of photographic techniques some of which included experimental use of objects and other subject matter within the studio. This really opened my eyes to the huge range of creative photographic processes and got me thinking about how you can manipulate imagery through the lens. The photos that I have chosen to submit come from one of the simplest ideas based on water. The title of the work is named ‘The Camera's Eye’. The pattern and movement of the water being displaced is hard to see, but the camera captures it brilliantly. I love this idea of taking every day occurrences and objects and turning them into beautiful images. It’s amazing what you can achieve in your own back garden!

Water Spinner 3.jpg
Water Tray 1.jpg


The work I have done was not what I originally intended to create, but with all that’s going on and my limited resources, I am proud of the work I have produced. 
To me, drag is empowerment and acceptance of who you are, and when you’re in drag, it really brings out the confidence you may not necessarily have all of the time. It is also about breaking those traditional gender norms in society and saying a big f*** you to those who say you can’t wear certain clothes because of your gender, or you shouldn’t  look like that because of your gender.
I'm inspired by photographers/artists who focus their work on people who are considered different, such as DianeArbus, who spent a lot of her career documenting marginalised communities and normalising them in society. I'm especially inspired by her work that highlights the LGBTQ+ community.
However, for this project I wanted to take a more a modern and colourful approach to this by photographing artists in the drag community whose work I loved, while still having that very real and intimate quality that Diane Arbus and other artists, such as Nan Goldin, had to their work.
My motivation behind every photo differs but I think the diversity in each of them really reflects my ability to adapt and transform myself both as a person and a photographer.

Alien queen2.0.jpg
Perfect imperfection.jpg
Another day in hell .jpg
Not today satan.jpg


Filtered Memories 
For my Final project I chose to respond to the themes Filtered and Distortion.  Through the lens I wanted to visually communicate and explore memories and memory loss. I experimented with a number of processes  including zoom in out focus and slow shutter speeds, hand created colour filters, 3D model making and studio lighting techniques.



The World We Live-In But Not Living
My photos each consist of two photos edited together top layer being textures such as worn down roads, ripped posters and drains. The bottom layer are photos of people. The textures represent things we look past and the people behind the textures symbolise that these textures are manmade. My FMP is meant to act as a metaphorical mirror to society being blind-eyed about the world around them.



For my final project I have been shooting mostly fashion editorial shots on location. I have chosen to submit these 5 images as they represent the title ‘details’ concentrating mainly on the textures, colours and the way the lighting hits the model. I have created my own colour look up tables and Photoshop presets that add an overall look and feel to the work. 



These photos were taken as a part of my college FMP, my idea was to push perspective and provoke thoughts. Being alone doesn’t have to be a bad thing, it gives you room to grow and slowdown in our ever-rushing lifestyles. A solitary tree has more room to grow its roots stronger and doesn’t have to fight for food. Normally I don’t enjoy shooting in the countryside, I prefer street photography! But as I live out in the sticks, I've been given no choice but to explore what's around me in this current situation. It's been nice to explore something I otherwise would be ignoring!

a lonely place to think - sidney pallot.
perspective - sidney pallot.jpg
embrace your shadows.jpg
romany art copy.jpg

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