I wanted to explore Autism and somehow communicate how Autistic people view the world around them. These images are part of some early development and are taken on an Instax mini 90 Polaroid camera. These images were created by my brother who is autistic. I was interested to see how he responded to the task so I decided to let him do whatever he wanted with the camera and didn’t direct or help him.  He chose to photography how he lives and moves around the house, spaces, environments, objects and items that are important to him.

Scan 4.jpg


For my final project I wanted to focus on highlighting and showcasing sustainable fashion. Shooting mostly in digital I have chosen 2 images from the 2nd clothes pile shoot and 2 images from my Cindy Sherman inspired shoot.  All the clothes in these images came from either a charity shop, depop and eBay. I chose these images as I loved the lighting.  I used exclusively natural lighting as an experiment and I was really happy with the results. I didn’t do much too much to the images in post editing,  just adjusted the contrast, exposure and added some warm pinky undertones. I also really loved creating the outfits and looks for these shoots.  I wanted to keep all the clothes in the same colour pallet complementing the overall look to the shoot. I’m very proud of these images and hope to use them as a set in my magazine after the show.



Look Up
With my project I wanted to inspire people to ‘Look Up’ and take more in on what is around them. Taking a lot of pictures of different architecture around my town specially Ickworth Park, I have used a range of techniques to get my final outcomes. These including cyanotypes, intaglio prints, photographic film work as well as digital manipulation.

Intaglio 2.jpg
cyanotype thro image trace 3.jpg
Scan 3.jpg
Cyanotype 6.jpg


Traditional Methods Unconventional Styles 
For my FMP I was focused on creating images from traditional methods and unconventional styles of photography. One photographer I was influenced by was Pierre Cordier who worked in the dark room creating camera less photography, I find this style of photography interesting and unique so I wanted to recreate that. To create my chemigrams I exposed my paper and then lathered the paper in baby oil, I then sponged on developer and missed out the fix to give it a pink tone. I like the abstract approach as it’s more unique and different and I like how you never know what the outcome is going to be so you are always surprised by the results.




I started my project wanting to create female portraiture, as I worked through I found a common prop that linked the images together. Flowers to me are very beautiful and can bring out the best in people, as I started taking portraits of people I’d never really worked with before I found that each of them responded really well when they had flowers. I’m not sure if it was a comfort thing or they generally were a distraction but it helped them come out of their shell and take their mind off of being photographed and that’s when I’d get the most natural images. 



The Decline of the High Street 
The photographs that I have selected are from my FMP, titled ‘The Decline of the High Street’. They are all black and white prints created in the darkroom from negatives that I developed. I chose two from each of my photoshoots in Peterborough, Whittlesea and Ipswich. I used my Lubitel 166B camera, shooting 120mm Fujifilm Neopan Acros 100 and my Canon 5000 shooting 35mm Ilford HP5 Plus. My FMP idea was to document the rapid decline of the high street capturing the different stages of decline highlighting that the UK high street is struggling and will soon disappear. The images are nostalgic to me as I grew up in Peterborough and Whittlesea and used to visit the places in the photos as a child.

Ipswich 2.jpg
P_borough market.jpg
P_borough pub.jpg
Joes Toes .jpg


Idle is a feeling of sitting back and taking it slow whilst the world around you continues to spin. These images are showcasing an ‘abandoned’ room with only one person with spotlights shining on them. This is a representation of being ‘Idle’ whilst everyone else, outside of the room keeps moving. This room brings peace to one person and allows them to settle their own thoughts. The spotlights on the person represents the ‘expectations’ that continue from others, outside of the room.

VOGUE 1.jpg
VOGUE 2.jpg


From above 
This has been my most enjoyable project that I have done recently because even though I’ve had a drone for a while I never used it for shots like this. For these shots I have had to think about them because you don’t really know if it’s going to be a good shot really until you get it up in the sky. I never realised how symmetrical things actually are such as fields. I also love the different shades of trees I can get when looking straight down on them. This is a technique of photography that not many people are able to do and having the ability to get these photos is great. A lot of the time when looking at these photos you really have to think about what they are because your not used to this angle.

CORE77 exhibition  (26 Apr 2020 at 15_06
CORE77 exhibition  (26 Apr 2020 at 15_00
CORE77 exhibition  (26 Apr 2020 at 15_02
CORE77 exhibition  (26 Apr 2020 at 15_03
CORE77 exhibition  (26 Apr 2020 at 15_02


No dig, no ride
My photography project aims to give an insight into the underground and sub-culture of mountain biking from the eye of an insider. Looking into what goes into building and riding a set of trails which has been carved out of the ground by hand to create an epic minutes of riding no one else knows about.

Scan 11.jpg
Scan 21.jpg
Scan 18.jpg
Scan 16.jpg
Scan 1-2.jpg


Face Paint 
I explored a number of ideas for my final project but over the last 2 terms I’ve really enjoyed working in the studio playing around with objects and lighting. I wanted to focus on creating a set of images that could be used for commercial make up or cosmetics magazines and media. I researched a number of product photography styles and techniques and explored several image making processes including scanography and still life set ups but really wanted that clean clinical look with an almost fine art scientific edge.



Distorted scanography
For my final project I wanted to focus on and highlight issues cased to wild animals due to littering. I was inspired by Jenny Saville for this project particularly the texture and shapes. Here are some early examples of scanography development.



The focus of my project was on how myself and society around me was responding to the early stages of the government lockdown due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Focusing on 3 main locations. Thetford (where I live) London and Lincoln. Shooting solely in 120mm black and white film was a decision I made to capture the moody, dire atmosphere and uncertainty that filled the streets and houses around me.



A whole other story
During this project I was mostly inspired by Stephen King's books and short stories. Each photograph is a response to a different story.  I shot mostly on location further incorporating studio and still life. I prepared my own masks and objects and explored Photoshop techniques such as overlaying images, drawing back into the images with different brushes creating weird, ''line'' creatures in Illustrator and then adding them to my photos.



Sp3ll it right 
Dyslexia effects 1 in 10 of us. This is my project about dyslexia. Dyslexia has such a stigma to it, being labelled as something negative, I wanted to prove that wrong. I started out by creating 640 photographs along with a video. These are 5 of the 640, the photos show dyslexia, but also how as a dyslexic myself I do not have to be academically inclined to create photography. I showcase well edited photographs, that not only highlight dyslexia with the content, but also show that people with dyslexia are creative, can think differently, have strong problem solving skills.

Screenshot 2020-05-23 at 15.16.57.png


For my final project I focused on the theme of nostalgia. I started by researching what the word nostalgia meant to people. I initially created a couple of collages to show their responses, trying communicate their feelings, body language and facial expressions. People often reminisce about a place they have visited, a point in time, music, colour or smell that triggers a memory. I have tried to commutate these things through the use of imagery, texture and tonal work.



The Troubling Affair  

These images has been taken as stills from my Final Major Project video entitled ‘The Troubling Affair’, all shot in the classic film noir style. I chose this genre because I liked how stylised it was. I wanted each shot in the video to be of high quality so I put a large amount of thought into things like the framing and composition. I feel these images work well as a set because they link through colour scheme and shading but they are also all unique adding variety to the set. 

still 4.jpg
still 3.jpg
still 5.jpg
still 2.jpg


These images are my impression of New York, a fast-paced place but when frozen in a picture can seem very calm and quiet. These were all created spontaneously, I saw something and took it, adjusting my settings to get the right lighting. I happened to be in the right place at the right time with my digital camera to capture the neon lights and streets of NYC.


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