A collaboration between fashion & textiles students, their local silk industry and Place 21 Nascent

This magazine was created to document a live brief collaboration between West Suffolk College Fashion & Textiles Year 2 students and the Stephen Walters & Sons silk mill in Sudbury. To celebrate the mills 300th anniversary, students were required to explore the history and manufacturing processes of the company, investigating ways to utilise fabric remnants/offcuts to produce a bespoke garment or interior product that tackles deeper themes of sustainability.  Students were tasked with considering the effects that the fashion & textiles industry has on the planet. They were encouraged to spread awareness of key ecological and environmental issues, through the creation of visually stunning garments or interior outcomes. Within this magazine, each student has included images of their project outcomes, digital artwork and a written piece on the issue that provoked them to create what they did. Our aim is that in viewing these students’ work it will provoke the reader to be more responsible and conscious of their role as a consumer, student, educator, business, professional or brand.


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